Clinic Management Software

Clinic First: All-in-one system supports your entire practice with a partner you can count on for all your EHR software needs.

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Features highlights

  • Electronic Health Record
  • SMS Reminders
  • Waiting Area Management
  • Queue Management
  • Treatment Room View
  • Billing/Payment
  • Clinical Letters
  • Complete Audit Log
  • Patient Clinical Docs Attachment
  • Inventory Management
  • Dispensary
  • Electronic Drawings
  • Lab Orders
  • Hospitalization


Loaded with professional features, each of which is designed to cater real world clinical operations.

Reception Dashboard

Provides an overview of clinic status. With scheduler, queues, discharge list in a single page, clinic assistants can quickly necessary tasks.

Waiting Area Management

Keep track of every patient in clinic. Detailed time and location tracking in real-time, reduce patient wait time is now possible.

Queue With Actions

Enhanced workflow management can be found in queued patient, it makes sure data is recorded correctly in appropriate stage of patient visit.


Scheduler in Month, Week and Day view. Drag and drop appointment is supported to reschedule an appointment.

File Attachment

Support files as attachment to patients. Medical docs, x-rays, photos and even video are saved in a central repository.

SMS Reminder

Tools for better customer relationship, SMS appointment reminders are sent before patient appointment.

Solutions for every specialty

Your specialty. Your way.
With the flexibility and configurability to create workflows you need, ClinicFirst delivers an integrated EHR system stocked with specialty-specific content designed to meet the clinical and operational goals of your practice.

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Clinical Care

Energize clinicians

  • Streamline and customize workflows

  • Improve care team collaboration
  • Document with Mobile and gain more face time with patients
  • Stay current with regulatory requirements

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Patient Engagement

Enhance the patient experience

  • Improve patient engagement
  • Decrease staff time spent on tedious tasks
  • Deliver care conveniently with telehealth
  • Enable direct connections with patients

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Population Health

Minimize risk /maximize advantage

  • Target higher-risk patients to close gaps in care
  • Identify patients with potential to impact outcomes
  • Coordinate care with seamless communication Identify fee-for-service revenue opportunities
  • Chronic disease care

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Connected Health

Optimize and improve workflows

  • Exchange meaningful information securely
  • Connect disparate systems to any device
  • Access data from other providers, organizations and EHRs
  • Support the latest interoperability and align with eHRSS

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Financial Management

Maximize financial outcomes

  • Provide better check-in and billing
  • Automate charge creation
  • Ensure clean claims and reduce denials
  • Monitor performance and gain insights

Data Security

To achieve enterprise level security and availability, we built our application with security in mind by default.


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